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Appraisal Services

Services1a-300x300Many reasons exist as to why you would need to have your jewelry evaluated by an expert. At Jewelry Appraisers of North Carolina,
Terry A. Kahn, G.G. understands why. Sometimes, you need an insurance appraisal to add to or update your homeowners’ policy. Sometimes you need a liquidation appraisal to help settle an estate.

Evaluating your jewelry and putting a price on your jewelry takes a skilled hand and an expert eye. Terry A. Kahn, G.G. makes sure each piece of jewelry he appraises is done with the knowledge he has gained over the past four decades in the jewelry appraisal business.
Mr. Kahn gives you the most accurate evaluation of your valuables. Guaranteed.

Anything you feel is valuable enough to you to insure, bring it in and our experts will advise you – free of charge – if it is worth getting appraised.

In addition, Terry A. Kahn, G.G. appraises all types of jewelry, diamonds, solid gold items and estate jewelry. He also evaluates fine watches, colored gemstones, platinum, U.S. coins, cultured pearls, sterling silver and flatware.

Terry A. Kahn, G.G. also recognizes the unique values of pieces from famous designers like Tiffany & Co., David Yurman, Rolex watches, and more.

Retail Replacement Value

  • Most commonly used by homeowners
  • Ideal for the purpose of obtaining insurance
  • Priced from $75 for first item
  • Discounts may be available for additional pieces

Fair Market Value

  • Desired by Bank Trust Departments, Estate Attorneys & Financial Planners Preferred method for distributing or settling property issues
  • Contact us for volume pricing

Liquidation Value

  • Assistance in liquidating unwanted jewelry for cash
  • Estimated immediate cash value if forced to sell or scrap your items
  • Contact us for pricing if a written document is required


  • Verbal evaluation of jewelry
  • We will go through your box of “treasures” and determine what’s valuable or not, give you a range of prices, and help determine what may be in need of a written appraisal.